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Stress and heart health>

Join Emmy Ort on Feb. 16 to learn heart disease risk and some strategies to manage stress to protect your heart.

Plan now for care later>

Please join us for this talk Feb. 22 or 23, detailing 7 steps to follow in planning for long-term care for you or your loved one.

7 Steps to Long-Term Care Planning>

Help Ensure Your Loved Ones Wishes Are Protected

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The Summit Medical Fitness Center is Montana’s most comprehensive fitness and wellness facility. We provide more fitness options and more value. Our personal trainers, wellness coaches, dieticians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists are here to help you achieve your fitness, wellness and rehabilitation goals. With close to 7,000 members, you’ll also find the Summit to be a great place to connect with others who share your passion for fitness and inspired health. At the Summit, we excel at helping you be more.