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Kalispell Regional Medical Center has an on-site medical library staffed by professional medical librarians and several volunteers. The KRMC Medical Library is committed to excellence in health through access to information.

What does the Medical Library offer?

The Medical Library offers information services to support patient care, research, and education. Although we primarily provide services for health care professionals and students, we also provide information to patients, families, and visitors. Access to the collection and services by the general public may be limited by staff time and/or resource availability. The services requested by individuals not associated with the hospital may incur costs according to our current service charges.

What does a Medical Librarian do?

Medical librarianship is a service profession. Medical librarians are specially trained to research and provide information about medical diagnoses, treatments, procedures, tests, research, funding, and equipment for health occupation workers, patients, consumers, and corporations. This specialized type of information professional provides information to a variety of workers for a variety of reasons. Some examples include helping health care workers provide quality care to patients, helping patients find reputable information, and providing information to health care industries for support in making good business decisions.

Medical librarians work with doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, medical students, hospital administrators, and others involved in the health care profession. All of these health care employees are educated and want to see their patients receive the best possible treatment. Good information is an advantage for good health care.

Contact Us

By Phone
(406) 752-1739

By E-Mail
Medical Librarian

Heidi Sue Adams, MS, AHIP(d) - Lead Medical Librarian
Jason Fetty, MLIS - Medical Librarian

Hours and Location
Kalispell Regional Medical Center's Medical Library is available for all employees of Kalispell Regional Healthcare twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Medical Library is also available to the public Monday through Friday by appointment. Please call the Medical Library to make an appointment for a visit or to have information sent to you. The Medical Library is located in the basement of the main hospital building, in the Office Tower.

Throughout Kalispell Regional Healthcare, there are other sources of good information available to you. For cancer-related issues and topics, there are two resource rooms available; The Bass Breast Cancer Center library located in the Bass Breast Center and the Oncology Resource Center in the KRMC Radiation Oncology building. Special thanks to Friends of the Bass Center for making the breast cancer library possible. Also, special thanks to Kitty Hawk for Cancer, the American Cancer Society, and the Cancer Center of Kalispell Regional Medical Center for making the Oncology Resource Center available to all.

If you are interested in doing your own internet research, feel free to click here to get started.