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Kalispell Regional Medical Center


Flu brings visitor restrictions

An outbreak of influenza in the Flathead Valley prompted Kalispell Regional Healthcare to place restrictions on visitors, effective until further notice.

  • No visitors age 13 and younger will be allowed in the hospital.
  • No patient will be allowed more than two visitors at a time.
  • Please wear a mask (provided at the front desk) if you have the sniffles, whether or not you think it may be the flu.
  • Always wash your hands before and after visiting patients. Complimentary hand sanitizer dispensers are placed at all entrances and in many locations throughout the building.

Restrictions apply to everyone – all members of the public visiting Kalispell Regional regardless of age, all employees regardless of work area, all contractors and delivery personnel.

These efforts are being taken to keep patients and staff safe. Nationwide, people are becoming very sick with the H3N2 strain of Influenza A, which mutated from the strain covered in the vaccine distributed for this flu season. Even if you have been vaccinated this year, it is possible for you to acquire Influenza A. However, it will be a much milder, short-lived illness for you.

It is important to note that the flu virus can be transmitted before someone feels sick, and for a while after recovery. A person can carry the flu without knowing it, putting hospital patients at risk if precautions such as covering your cough are not followed.

Extreme case-specific issues such as end-of-life concerns may warrant a reconsideration of these restrictions, based on individual circumstances.

Drop-in daycare centers can be a great solution when you need to visit the hospital without children. One such center available in Kalispell is Sprouts Club, 2165 U.S. 2 East, phone 752-7259.

Kalispell Regional Healthcare thanks you for understanding the need for and complying with these temporary restrictions, keeping everyone safer.

For national information on the flu, please click here.

For Montana information, please click here.

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